Truth really is stranger than fiction, and it’s a long damn story. Jeri Walker’s short stories, creative nonfiction, and psychological thrillers (in progress) show the influence of being raised by a bipolar mother in the eccentric North Idaho mining town of Wallace as well as the trauma of being abandoned by her Jekyll-and-Hyde ex whom she fell in love with while working in Yellowstone National Park.

She and her demanding pets call the Pacific Northwest home. In the continual pursuit of finding herself, she plans to someday live in an RV or a tiny house. She dwells online at Word Bank Writing & Editing, grateful to be charting a course as a freelancer. Connect with her at JeriWB.com or browse her books.

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  1. Pretty cool. Hope everything is going well, personally as well as professionally. Although I lived in Vancouver for some time before, I never appreciated (other than Stanley Park, Whistler and some) it as much as I do now. a couple of years ago I did a solo backpacking trip to the Lost Coast Trail, where I experienced its very PNW like climate (rain, shower and fog) and loved every minute of it, except that it was extremely difficult to keep things dry!!! Especially when you a down sleeping bag which is perfect for the dry SoCal and Sierra Nevada weather!!! I am visiting Calgary (a long story) in July and planning to make a long trip (a bit of time off) via a few places through NorCal, Oregon and Washington and then probably Montana so that I could immerse myself in the PNW climate while hiking and camping. I just wanted to write something about PNW… 😉 Have a wonderful day.

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