Parting is such sweet sorrow…

Picture of New Mexico Tree

You guessed it, I’m throwing in the towel on Arresting Imagery. There comes a time in the life of every blog where the decision must be made on whether or not it’s ran it course. The Friday afternoon timing of the photo challenges has never been my favorite. Simply put, I’d rather be out playing come the weekend and not tending to a second blog. I will certainly continue to take photos and work on my skills as a photographer, but without the added pressure of a weekly blog post here.

While I had hoped to make it to 100 posts, 87 will simply have to do. Many changes have taken place in my life since my first post here on April 27, 2014. Almost all of those changes have been for the better. If you’re of a writerly persuasion, feel free to follow me over at Word Bank Writing & Editing. My professional freelancing site will continue to be my online home for years to come. Eventually, I plan to start an author website. Yet, all this online presence stuff can take away from the time needed to truly create.

And for a certain person who might see this post, my path is more clear than ever. My re-birth has been the result of your self-destruction. I am so much stronger than you were ever capable of imagining. It’s hard to grieve someone who isn’t even dead, but I’ll soon be burying a letter I wrote to you up on the Salmon River. Sometime next year, I’ll be burning that pink tie and the cassette tape of our Vegas wedding vows and scattering the ashes over the brink of the Lower Falls. Such is the only form of closure I’ll get.

Every day, I grieve. But every day, I also choose to live. My fate is quite the opposite of the video below. Thanks to everyone who has followed my posts here. Here’s to the next great adventure…


10 thoughts on “Parting is such sweet sorrow…

  1. Hi Jeri, I totally support you looking after you FIRST! I will say that I’m so sad to see this blog go away. Ironically, I loved looking forward to these posts every Friday. Sans the blog subscriptions I’ve filtered into Bloglovin’ or check on my own out of memory…this blog is one of only 3 (out of over 200) that I still am a email subscriber too. Thinking of you always and I know we will chat soon, my friend! Loving our fall weather in our neck of the woods (Nevada/Idaho) :))

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