Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow

Picture of alley in Mykonos Greece

The Greek Isles are full of narrow winding roads. This one can be found on the island of Mykonos. I was lucky enough to enjoy a relatively people-free day as my cruise ship arrived on a Wednesday just before peak tourist season started. Needless to say, I took a bunch of pictures of such charming pathways that fit the focus of this week’s photo challenge. Turns out such passageways are great for confusing pirates when they would arrive to loot such places of their booty. Some days stand out as nearly perfect. My day on Mykonos would be one of such day.


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Narrow

    • Marsha, I was so surprised by how clean all of the Greek isles were that I visited. I guess I shouldn’t have been after seeing so many pictures, but it’s another matter entirely to see ancient whitewashed buildings and streets that have stood the test of time.

      • Your picture is just amazing. I was in Greece in 1988. It seems that even the trash on the street is bleached. And there was trash in Corinth where we sat and ate. It was hot, but not quite as overwhelming in July as it is here in Central California. Our streets, buildings and sidewalks do not have that just bleached pristine look, though. 🙂

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