Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

Picture of woman crouched in hollow tree

When it comes to trees, it’s often hard to say whether the human or the tree is more apt to do the embracing. Such is their special grace in our lives. I’ve crawled inside the Fairy’s Den at the Ross Creek Cedars in northwest Montana every time I’ve visited since my childhood. For this week’s photo challenge, my vision of Mother Earth is one where human and tree acknowledge the precarious balance of need between each.


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth

    • Jacquie, I can’t image not being surrounded by trees in some way or another. The trees in my yard are only now getting on the large side, and it pleased me immensely every time I lay eyes upon them.

  1. Pretty cool. Love the idea of taking a pleasant trip down memory lane. This reminded me of the trees I have yet to see Bristlecone Pine, the world’s oldest living trees in White Mountains, California. I meant to go hike the White Mountain peak a couple of times but things didn’t work out at the last minute, one being it requires a 4WD AND high clearance vehicle, which I don’t have at the moment. Hopefully, soon. 🙂

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