Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape

Picture of Ghost Ranch New Mexico

This sweeping panoramic vista encompasses artist Georgia O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch as noted by the cluster of buildings. Farther in the distance and to the right side of the photo lies her beloved mesa known as the Pedernal. The artist produced many paintings of it, and her ashes were also scattered at its top. This week’s photo challenge reminds me of the comfort to be found in wide-open spaces and the way they encourage us to keep our eyes on the horizon.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape

  1. Beautiful! I have a thing about clouds, so to me, the clouds are completely mesmerizing. They look alive. But it is an excellent photo of the Pedernal and I have seen my of her works, though the last was long ago in the new museum in Milwaukee!

  2. Great thought! Love those clouds hovering to the left and right. The ones on the left have dimension while the clouds on the right are somewhat wispy. I’m a cloud picture lover. Thanks for sharing.

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