Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons

Picture of Payette Lake Idaho

I prefer a little roil on my horizon, so gray weather days tend to be the best ones for me. I love the calm flatness of such light. There’s a comforting oppressiveness that appeals much more so than cloudless skies. This picture was taken at Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho. Aside from the brightness of the boats, water and sky coalesced into one comforting drab swath. As with most weather in Idaho, it’s possible to experience all four seasons in the span of an hour, and this gray gave way to sunny sparkle. Gray is not of a season, but for all seasons so that is why I picked it for this week’s photo challenge.


14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Seasons

  1. I would have said I dislike grey days, but I love this photo. Instead of looking dismal like I associate with grey days, it seems to speak of hope and possibility.I like your phrase “comforting oppressiveness”.

  2. Love the picture. The dark gray skies reflected in the water is beautiful. There’s something about harbors that I can’t seem to get enough of. Even in poor weather, they tend to express so much. The loneliness of a dingy bobbing around. Water smacking the sides of a pier.

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