Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

Picture of cemetery at Taos Pueblo New Mexcio

We’re all going to die, so might as well make the most of the time allotted to us on this pale blue dot. Let bygones be bygones and get on with finding our way. So often, we are the only true obstacle placed in our paths. This decidedly no frills cemetery at Taos Pueblo in New Mexico conveys what happens to us all at the end of our time: the grave. This week’s photo challenge serves as a reminder that time is what we make of it, so make it count.


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Time

  1. Nicely said. This cemetery looks so mystical. Cemeteries always get me thinking about those who passed on, what their lives were like, and what kind of legacy did they leave behind. I guess I’m morbid.

    I have a few pictures of cemeteries and some taken in Portovenere, Italy. I told my husband that the view would be a great resting place.

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