Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering

Picture of Fremont Troll in Seattle

The Fremont Troll under Seattle’s George Washington Memorial Bridge is decidedly cool, but it got a whole lot cooler when these gentleman started to crawl all over it. I’ve only really been to Seattle once. The other two times were for writing conferences where I didn’t make it beyond the hotel.In any case, the gathering pictured here for this week’s photo challenge shows a gathering that certainly has a story to tell.  Seattle is only a day’s drive away from my house, so the only thing stopping me is myself. Road trip, anyone?


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering

  1. Who would have said that social gathering, trolls, crawling and climbing could be so directly related one to the other… 😉
    I always like your approaches when it comes to prompts… You definitely take them to a next level, a more metaphorical or figurative one, so to speak… //Writer and photographer, yes//
    Sending best wishes and I hope that you have a beautiful weekend, dear Jeri… Aquileana 💫🌟

  2. I’d love to go on a road trip with you! I’ve been to Seattle once, in June 2014, for business so I was pretty much cloistered at the hotel/conference center. But I did have a few hours before the conference and managed to get myself to the Space Needle. The view was mostly fogged in, but it was still a lot of fun.

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