Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

Picture of wrought iron fence and balcony in Charleston.

Simplicity has its place, as does intricacy. The craftsmanship of wrought iron fences and fanciful balustrades like this one in Charleston, South Carolina signify a level of ornamentation as much about beauty as indicative of societal status. I can admire how the ornate theme of this week’s photo challenge speaks to the power of creativity and level of design possible in our environments. Alas, I’m the type of person who is much happier in a plain but cozy shack back in the woods.


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

  1. I can see the top of this beautiful house from my balcony. I walk but it all the time. The iron work is indeed very beautiful and you captured that very well in this photograph:)

  2. Great fence, and it does speak volumes for societal status. I started taking alphabet pictures of objects and nature. This one has lots of O’s and an H. Thanks for sharing.

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