Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

Picture of Sawtooth Mountain Range

Every time I’m chagrined about living in the most isolated capital city in the continental United States, I remind myself what a privilege it is to be in such close proximity to an unparalleled abundance of nature’s grandeur. The Sawtooths contain so many trails I’ve yet to explore. Nearby Stanley, Idaho also has the distinction of being one of the coldest places in the States during winter. Plus, all that is Sun Valley is not far away either. On this particular stretch of road, the boundaries of fence and mountain range merge into undeniable eye candy. In the fall, it’s possible to watch Salmon swimming upriver to Stanley Lake. It’s safe to say, the day captured above was a good day.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Boundaries

  1. That photo and your mention of salmon might have me sold on convincing my wife to visit your neck of the woods, Jeri. It’d be great to see them in their own element and to be amazed at how huge they are. The more that I travel through Asia, the more I tell people about how I want to explore my own country. Thanks for giving me yet another reason with this wonderful photo and writeup of Idaho.

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