Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid

Picture of ladder in Bandelier National Monument

Ladders make for a shaky mode of transportation at times, especially when they’re perched precariously on the side of a cliff. This ladder in Bandelier National Park in New Mexico is one of four on the ascent to Alcove House (a kivi used for religious ceremonies). With great trepidation I climbed, rising higher and higher off the valley floor. I willed myself to the top by focusing on one rung at a time. Despite my fear of heights, I made the climb anyway, finding stability in the path provided by that shaky pine grid which also happens to fit this week’s photo challenge.


9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Grid

  1. First, congratulations on conquering that fear and making the climb. BUT…this photo is unbelievable. I can hardly believe the clarity. I can almost smell the dry dirt odor of that hole!!

  2. I love the themes you choose and this one especially hits home for me. I’d hate to imagine how this looked from above, and I’m sure you can tell me that it was scary. Great to see you climbed and overcame those fears. I’ve had similar issues while hiking in Korea and more recently, when driving a scooter through an island here in Indonesia. Fear is something we must overcome or else we’ll just end up on the couch twiddling our thumbs everyday. Thanks for sharing this, Jeri. I hope you can keep challenging yourself like with this ladder.

    • Duke, there was a trail in Germany I wanted to go on, but then I read about it and realized there were really chintzy looking ladders on parts of the trail that connected one rock face to another rather than a crew having carved the trail into the side of the mountain. I said forget it 😉

    • Denise, the chapbook idea is great. Sometimes I make more of an effort than others to put forth solid writing here since the focus is on the photos. I’ve also thought about combining the pics with poetry, but that would just mean more work for me!

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