Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

Picture of Oktoberfest Drinkers in Beer Tent

It’s all too fitting that I finally understood the German concept of Gemütlichkeit at last year’s Oktoberfest in Munich. There really is no direct translation into English, but the feeling of coziness and friendliness was undeniable. Though associated with beer gardens, that particular sense of belonging just doesn’t come about because of drinking beer. It’s a coming together to celebrate and immerse one’s self in the moment.

From my vantage point on the second tier of the beer tent, my zoom lens came back to these three friends time and time again. They were having so much fun, and the guy in the denim shirt got up every now and again and danced merrily in the aisles. As the afternoon wore on, the calls of Prost! became cheerier as everyone raised their beer mugs to toast. The arm-in-arm singing and swaying of hundreds of people proves how connected we can be if we just let ourselves go with the flow in the name of this week’s photo challenge of connection.


12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

  1. We have a swedish word with the same meaning – gemytlig. It is a great thing these pubs with rhe singing and drinking. Great prost… I mean post 😉

  2. I spent a year in Munich. Totally missed out on Oktoberfest, though. I’ve had to settle for the Americanized version. Not the same, no doubt. Nice photo. It shows the fun and camaraderie well.

  3. Great photo. Those friends laughter is infectious. I’m smiling just looking at them. How lucky to experience Oktoberfest and the festivities.

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