Weekly Photo Challenge: From Every Angle

Picture of Charioteer of Delphi Picture of Charioteer of Delphi Picture of Charioteer of Delphi

What I most remember about the bronze Charioteer Statue in Delphi was how his glass eyes seemed to fixate on the viewer no matter where they were standing in the room. Most ancient statues like this were melted down, but this one had been buried in a rock-fall. In its full glory, the chariot statue would have been pulled by 4-6 horses and also been accompanied by two grooms. Imposing indeed. The statue is impressive from any angle and fits the theme of these week’s photo challenge.


13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: From Every Angle

  1. Absolutely amazing!… You are right as to the vivid features on the face… Mainly on the eyes…
    As Heraclitus would say> The Delphi Oracle neither reveals nor conceals, but gives a sign *I am paraphrasing!*
    Wonderful shots, dear Jeri!… All my best wishes. Aquileana ☀ ☀ ~

  2. The eyelashes look so real. When I think about what went into creating art back in those days, it’s amazing what they were able to produce. They didn’t have modern day tools to shape or create texture.

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