Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

Picture of dead birdWhile I don’t purposely wander around seeking out dead and decaying lifeforms as photography subjects, I certainly never pass up an opportunity when it presents itself. I spotted this husk of a bird earlier this summer during a daily walk with my dog. While at once appalling, its form also strikes me as intriguing–and definitely creepy. For this week’s photo challenge, I added a black and white filter. I wonder when I will next encounter another find such as this?



13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

    • Jacquie, I’m thinking a story about a kid who likes to collect dead birds. I remember giving many a dead bird a funeral when I was a kid, so long as I had a plastic bag around my hand and obeyed my mom and never touched the filthy thing!

  1. I think it’s important sometimes to take a hard look at the reality of life. I’ve never photographed a dead bird before, but there’s one that my dog tries to sniff every morning on our walk. It’s been there, deteriorating, for at least a month, and it makes me sad every time I look at it. Creepy for sure, but also real.

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