Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

Picture of Mediterranean Sea

Exactly five years ago this week I was sailing upon the Mediterranean Sea and now often recollect its vivid hue.  The color blue has never been my favorite, but maybe that was because I’d never seen that exact shade. The electric color danced with life and made my eyes hunger for more. So much so that this picture for this week’s photo challenge has been enlarged and framed to hang in my house. Also, an accent wall in my bedroom is now a deep blue. Here’s to being tangled up in blue.


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Vivid

    • Jacquie, the deep blue sea is indeed mesmerizing. I wish I would have spent most of my vacation on the cliffs of Santorini overlooking the water, but it was still beautiful from the deck of the cruise ship as well.

  1. I like the colour blue and there are so many variations of it. This photo is lovely. I like your description “danced with life”. As I looked at the photo, I could almost have sworn the waves moved.

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