Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

Picture of dried and cracked mudThere is nothing special about the route I walk my dog along most days, but yesterday some dried mud next to the path caught my eye. Nature’s natural patterns give us a lot to look at when we are willing to let our eyes soak in its bounty. So often we travel with only a final a destination in mind and end up letting so much pass us b . For this week’s photo challenge, I give you mud. Mud is good.


17 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Way

    • Lena, it’s strange too because I’ve probably walked by similar mud many times in years past and never gave it another glance. For whatever reason, the pattern caught my fancy that day. Maybe I was seeing into the future and knew what this week’s challenge topic would be?

      • Could be 🙂 It is interesting how our mind works really when it comes to what caught our eyes and what doesn’t. I’m sure you can predict things 😉

    • Jacquie, the mud I detest though is the stuff that’s left in the irrigation canals after winter before water is released back into them. Every year, it seemed like my other dog would take the mud plunge and it was soooooo stinky!

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