Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

Picture of Rhododendron blossom When I first moved down South, I had no idea what all the bushes I’d see in the mountains boasting white or pinkish blossoms were called. Soon enough, I learned they were rhododendrons. This photo was taken on a trip to North Mills River in North Carolina. Thousands of blossoms fluttered in the breeze and landed on the water much to my delight. The scene conjured magical fairy forests. All of those blossoms afloat fits this week’s photo challenge perfectly.

On a side note, many films set in Appalachia are filmed in Transylvania due to the mountains looking similar. However, the dead give away is that Transylvania doesn’t have rhododendron bushes growing all over the place like weeds. Roan Mountain in Tennessee even holds an annual Rhododendron Festival. And why not? It makes perfect sense to celebrate something that burgeons with beauty the eyes simply must devour.




12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

  1. I have a difficult time with the names. I know what they are and that I love them and that is enough. Great photo!

  2. The shutter speed on a cell phone can’t be adjusted (or at least I don’t think it can be), but all settings on a digital camera like my Canon can be tinkered with. I’m still learning how to do all that tinkering though 😉

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