Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

Picture of boat on Mediterranean Sea

Although I snapped tons of photos of my Christmas tree this year, what most comes to mind for this week’s photo challenge is the twinkle of the Mediterranean Sea. The full day I spent on the Greek island of Mykonos approached perfection. It was mid-June and ours was the only boat docked and the streets weren’t elbow to elbow with tourists. The twinkle of the water in this photo doesn’t do the Mediterranean’s amazing shade of blue justice, but it’s a sight I won’t soon forget.

Happy holidays to all! This will be my last photo post until January 9th. I’ll be taking a break from posting on 12/19, 12/26, and 1/2. Hopefully by then the recent issue with pingbacks for this weekly challenge will be fixed as well.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

  1. My immediate response is I WANT TO GO THERE RIGHT NOW! My less immediate response is that it looks like a great setting for the opening scene of a murder mystery. It’s late in the afternoon. The chef is inside making a fish stew. His assistant is peeling potatoes. A lone figure sits down at one of the tables…

  2. The powder blue of the chairs, the checkerboard table covers, the boat…and then you hooked it all in perfect with the water in the background. Love it and it definitely put a twinkle in my eye to enjoy, Jeri! I will definitely miss your posts until you return, my friend! 🙂

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