Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

Stupid Hurts Sign

The sign I’ve picked for this week’s photo challenge is one that hangs in the Smokejumper training facility in Missoula, Montana. The sign totally fits into its surroundings, and the tour provides lots of info on a select segment of society few gain access to. I find myself wondering where the sign originially came from, especially since it’s so scratched up. In any case, maybe such warning signs should be as common place as stop signs. Oh wait, it wouldn’t do any good anyway since stupid people aren’t smart enough to know they’re stupid!

On another note, Oktoberfest 2014 was well worth the trip, but I regret missing the photo challenges on Humanity, Endurance, and Nighttime. This weekly photo post is one way I continue to make time for creative endeavors outside of writing and editing.


10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

  1. Have you ever seen the movie “Always” with Richard Dreyfuss and Holly Hunter? When you said Smokejumper in Missoula it immediately made me think of that. Regarding the sign, it would be interesting to know the origin and/or the intention of it. Stupid for those that SET the fire those men and women will risk their lives to put out? Or to the trainees to make sure they think about every step (literally) they take from packing their bags and chutes to jumping out of the plane to fighting the unforgiving fire itself. Good one, Jeri 🙂

    • Mike, I’ve not seen that movie, but may have to check it out now. The sign definitely raises lots of questions. I visited in August when everyone was gone fighting fires. I guess they spend a lot of their down down sewing parachutes and equipment.

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