Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

Picture of seashells on seashore.

Once I start collecting shells, all suddenly seems right with the world. Countless times, I’ve bent down to inspect such potential treasures. During my time spent living in the South, I combed a good number of beaches and toted my booty home. With that in mind, I give you my photo in response to this week’s photo challenge on texture. In the microcosm of a beach, it’s often possible to get some perspective on the world. I must have walked for over a mile on this stretch near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina thinking of nothing other than the next find. Such a feeling is bliss.


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

  1. That is an absolutely terrific photo, Jeri! You hit the jackpot there. I remember way back in school on our one week away from home exploration to the coast we went to Pebble Beach. A guide had us scoop up a handful of pebbles and look at them to appreciate what Mother Nature had created. Like snowflakes…no two are alike 🙂

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