Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

Picture of wine glass and bottles.

The containers for this week’s photo challenge are indeed some of my favorites. I’m prone to picking wines by their labels, and for some reason I’ve developed a liking for ones that feature haunting words or imagery. This particular picture came about for a depth of focus assignment. I get annoyed when an over-filled glass finds itself on my table when dining out. A too full wine of glass robs the drinker of the pleasure of properly swirling the liquid about before tasting it. It’s safe to say the act of drinking wine from a glass is just about as satisfying as partaking of the wine itself.


7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

  1. Wow! The skeleton clothes in the red cap and red cape is truly creepy! How was that wine??? The image is beautiful. Love the way the bottles are blurred with the glass and red wine are front and center

  2. First off, I love the picture, Jeri! 🙂 I went out to dinner on Friday night and we had a really nice bottle of wine to share. You are so spot on about not having the glass filled too full and fortunately we had a wine sommelier handling it. I love to be able to check for depth of color, clarity, legs or tears, the fragrance and of course the taste. Folks don’t have to be wine experts by any means to enjoy these intricacies of the experience. Good post! 🙂

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