Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

Picture of Taft Tunnel on Hiawatha Bike Trail

The light at the end of the Taft Tunnel on the Hiawatha Bike Trail on the Montana/Idaho border provides a fitting image for this week’s contrast photo challenge. I’ve ridden on the trail for the past two summers. The 1.7 mile long tunnel is truly an exercise in sensory deprivation even with a weakly glowing headlamp leading the way. It’s also cold and wet the entire length, not to mention the tiny lights of oncoming bikers take forever to grow closer. Plus, unlike the photo here, last year’s ride found the tunnel full of fog. Talk about a harrowing ride…


11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast

  1. I like the sense of motion from the seemingly random way in which the light highlights some features and misses others towards the foreground. Also the fact that at first glance we can choose to see the rider either approaching or receding

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