Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

Picture of a Crossdresser

The twist here for this week’s photo challenge is fairly obvious: Is this a boy or a girl? This picture was snapped with a zoom lens while taking a stroll on New York City’s High Line. As a writer, I am instantly intrigued. Who is this person? What is their story? The clothing and make-up veers into costume territory, so is this a performer or a transgendered soul who equates femininity with such stereotypical trappings? The look screams Marilyn Monroe, right down to the perfectly placed facial mole. Also, did I manage to photo spy on someone checking their messages or taking a shameless selfie? So many questions….


18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

  1. I find it sad that A) You think this person would appreciate you putting their photo up as discussion fodder for gender and B) you called this person an “it”. How about “Is THIS a male or female?” or how about not making someone’s sexuality a public forum? I”m sure you’re a nice person that simply didn’t think this through. 🙂

    • Caddy, point well-taken on my use of the hasty use of “it” which I have now changed to “this.” As to whether an anonymous photo is fodder for discussion of gender identity can be a heated issue. My intention was to communicate that I find all that the snapshot conveys intriguing. No more. no less.

  2. ‘The twist here for this week’s photo challenge is fairly obvious: Is it a boy or a girl?’

    Was she, at any point, told her photograph was going to be put on the internet with the tagline ‘Is IT a boy or a girl’? Because if not, in spite of it being a lovely image, it’s an incredibly poor choice of words. Describing anyone as an ‘it’ is demeaning. Putting their photo on the internet with that description, no matter how intrigued you may have been with her, is even worse.

  3. I think the person in the photo is beautiful, as is the photograph itself, however I find it highly offensive I also find it creepy you spied on this unsuspecting person, turn the whole thing into a game of guess the gender, and then post it in a public forum. The gender of an individual should not matter to anyone but themselves, it’s private, this seems to be mocking them. Totally wrong.

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