Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

Picture of old typewriter.

This is a fitting photo for my first weekly photo challenge. The photograph of this old typewriter was taken during Forest Festival Days in 2011 at the Cradle of Forestry in North Carolina. I had recently made a cross country move and was enjoying my first display of vibrant East Coast fall colors. A couple of walking paths lead through a variety of Appalachian-style buildings, and this typewriter was on display. It eventually inspired the header image of my professional blog JeriWB Author & Editor. I’d like to think the letters on the keyboard represent the limitless possibilities of the new career path I’ve carved for myself since.



4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

  1. Wow, small world, indeed! Congrats on your move and new career path. I have photos of that same typewriter, Jeri. We lived in WNC (Waynesville) for 10 years, before moving back to N.Fl. Enjoy the magical Appalachians! It is an amazing place.

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